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For all of those who are looking for a concise alternative to the combined use of window blinds and curtains, the installation of window shades is the perfect option. At, we offer a wide variety of window shades like cellular shades, roman shades, roller shades, sheer shades and woven shades. Moreover, we also assist in the installation of these shades in houses and commercial complexes alike. Being wholesale manufacturers, our products are available at factory prices and are extremely affordable.

Residents and owners often complain that the installation of blinds and curtains, and the process of using them and maintaining them become very cumbersome. Window shades offer a good alternative to this problem. There are various types of shades that are available. While some are designed in such a way that users can close and open the shades according to their convenience, in others, the emphasis lies on the fabric that has been used, and its overall texture.

Apart from these facts, window shades play an important role in providing adequate protection from sunlight, and thereby help in maintaining the temperatures of a room during summer. Similarly, they preserve energy, and help to maintain the warmth of a room during the cold winter months. To conclude, it can be said that window shades can be used to conserve energy, and reduce electricity consumption by nearly 35%. offers customers the option of choosing from a wide variety of window shades. In addition, we also provide services of installation and maintenance. Call us at 714-821-5441 today!

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