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We have different kind off shutters and plantation shutter for you, please select the model you like:
Custom Shutters and Plantation Shutters for Home?

Cover Windows will make custom shutters to fit your windows at lowest possible prices! We will measure, design and professionally install your shutters, serving all over Southern California.

If you want to conserve energy and minimize the cost of a make-over, then the installation of custom shutters and plantation shutters is a very good option. At, we provide you the option of choosing from a wide range of shutters that suit your choice and budget. We manufacture a variety of window shutters and also custom design them upon clients’ request. We are wholesale manufacturers, which mean that our products are available at factory prices and hence are affordable.

There are many advantages of plantation shutters and the fact that these conserves energy is one of the primary benefits. These shutters can be used to control the airflow and intensity of light so that the temperature can be naturally adjusted. The design of these shutters eliminates the possibilities of warming caused due to the absorption of solar heat during summer. During the winter months, these shutters can be drawn down to insulate the room, and ensure that there is no loss of thermal heat. By using these shutters, customers can reduce their electricity bills by 25% to 50%.

We offer top-quality window shutters which can greatly alter and improve the overall look of your home and offices. We bring you the best quality Shutters and Plantation Shutters and you can make your choice from the wide variety of colors and materials. Be it Polycore Shutters, Wooden shutters, Vinyl shutters or others, you can be rest assured about the quality of these products.

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